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What is Tandem Skydiving?

A Tandem Skydive is the best and safest way to experience skydiving for the first time.

You will be securely attached to an instructor on a parachute system built for two. You will be guided by one of our highly experienced instructors and learn the basics of skydiving including aircraft exit, free fall body position and controlled flight, parachute deployment, parachute flight and pattern approach, and finally the parachute landing.

We use state-of-the-art United Parachute Technologies SIGMA tandem parachute systems. Our instructors are the best in the business, with thousands of jumps and years of skydiving experience.

Tandem Skydive Packages

Product Name Description Sale Retail
Basic Tandem Skydive & Reality Video Tandem Skydive 10,000ft
Monday - Friday only 30 Second Free Fall
Save 50% $159 $298
Extreme Tandem Skydive & Reality Video Tandem skydive 14,000ft
Available 7 Days 60 Second Free Fall
Save 40% $189 $328
Still Photographs 20-40 framable digital still photos $40
T-Shirt With our cool custom logo $20
Video Edit Saved to Thumb Drive or DVD All videos are edited and uploaded to our Chattanooga Skydiving Company YouTube Channel $20
Reality Video 3 to 5 min video of your Skydiving Experience $99
Ultimate Video You're the star! Filmed with 2 cameras, from 2 angles. Includes still photos $125
High Altitude 18,000ft W/Oxygen Available 7 Days
120 Second Free Fall
Save 40% $299 $499

Tandem Skydiving Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of skydiving centers out there. Ask questions, be educated, and demand the best for you and your loved ones!

Have I called an actual skydiving center?

Be careful, there are hundreds of phony web sites out there claiming to be Chattanooga Skydiving. They have a dozen web sites, claiming to be providing skydiving in Chattanooga. Most are boiler room reservation telemarketing operations that will send you hours away to redeem your overpriced skydiving adventure.

The only goal of anyone claiming to be "Chattanooga Skydiving" is to defraud and miss lead you.

Ask these questions:

  • Where is the physical location of the skydiving center?
  • Are you an instructor, can I talk to an instructor?

Why would you want to do business with people who claim to be Chattanooga Skydiving and clearly are not!

The chattanooga skydiving company is 30 minutes from downtown chattanooga and the only skydiving company serving chattanooga!

How old do I have to be to skydive?

All participants must have a valid photo ID and sign a risk waiver in order to participate.

You must be 18 years old to skydive with The Chattanooga Skydiving Company. There are no exceptions to this rule. All tandem equipment manufacturers require all participants to be 18 years or older. If you find a skydiving center willing to take minors they are not following the rules as set forth by the manufacturers of the equipment, and thus federal aviation regulations.

Can I take my own camera with me?

No. There are safety issues involved with this. Because this is your first time Skydiving, it is very important that you are not distracted by a camera. We require our experience jumpers to have 200 jumps before they are allowed to take a camera with them, even small cameras such as the GoPro. Additionally, cameras must be properly mounted so they do not get dropped on someone's windshield or cause injury.

Our tandem instructors and videographers have had extensive training on how to correctly operate a camera in the air.

Can I wear my glasses? Will I have goggles to wear?

Yes,Your tandem instructor will provide you with a pair of goggles that will fit over your existing glasses.You should wear contact lenses if you have them! If you have your own sport goggles you may be able to wear them, however this is at the full discretion of your Tandem instructor. Some eye wear that is adequate for downhill skiing or motorcycle riding is not adequate for skydiving.

What type of aircraft will we jump from?

The Chattanooga Skydiving Company operates 15 passenger 2008 model PAC 750 XL the newest safest skydiving aircraft in the region, and a reliable 4 passenger Cessna 182.

Always ask, how old is, and how many passengers will your aircraft take!

What facilities do you have?

The Chattanooga Skydiving Company operates at the Marion County Airport. We have a 3500' paved runway surrounded by hundreds of acres of flat open spaces. The airport is certificated by the state of tennessee annually.

Before you skydive anywhere, ask and be sure they have:

  • A fully paved runway?
  • 100s acres of unobstructed flat landing area?
  • State airport certification?

What training will I need?

You will be provided with about 30 minutes of instruction. One of the reasons that Tandem Skydiving is such a popular form of first time skydiving is that your instructor will be controlling the jump from exit to opening to landing, so the training that will be required of you is minimal.

How long will it take?

Skydiving can be time intensive!

At the Chattanooga Skydiving Company, we don't overbook! Your appointment time is the start of the process not your jump time. Do not arrive early or late; show up at your scheduled time. We schedule you to be in and out within about three hours of your appointment time.

Due to conditions beyond our control, such as unsafe or dangerous weather conditions or unplanned aircraft maintenance, you should set aside up to a half or full day to complete your skydiving experience. You may also be asked to reschedule, no refunds, a rain check will be issued, and you may reschedule at your at your own convenience. Please be patient! Unruly customers will be ejected without refund. You are at an airport and federal law applies!

Please keep in mind all these decisions are made with your safety as our main concern.

What should I wear or bring?

Dress for the weather. Tennis shoes and sneakers, no boots. Bring a change of clothes after heavy rain as the ground can be quite wet.

Summer: Shorts and t-shirts clothes you don't mind getting grassed stained or dirty.

Spring/fall: Jeans sweatshirts loose fitting clothes, thin gloves as needed.

Winter: Lots of layers, loose fitting clothes, Under Armor if you have it, ski masks, face masks and gloves. Winters are mostly very mild in the Chattanooga area! We Jump Year Round!

You should bring: Bottled water, snack food, lap tops, thumb drives, SD cards, frisbees, footballs, food for the grill, cameras and a great attitude ready for the best time you ever had!

How should I prepare: Eat lightly before your jump, Fresh fruit to snack on is recommended. An empty stomach is just as bad as a full stomach. Do not drink alcohol heavily the night before your jump.

Do not use alcohol or other intoxicants 12 hours prior to your jump. You will forfeit your deposit, gift certificate or prepaid voucher!

What about weight & fitness to jump?

You must weigh under 220 lbs, and be height/weight proportionate. So a 220 lbs person should be around 6ft tall. You should be able to kneel, bend, stoop, and have full range of motion in your extremities. You will be asked to sign a medical fitness statement. You must consult a doctor about any medical conditions that may preclude you from skydiving, and bring a doctors' note clearing you for skydiving activities as may be required.

What about bad weather or Unplanned aircraft maintenance?

Skydiving is governed by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and is required to follow VFR (Visual Flight Rules) at all times. Under no circumstances will we break these guidelines, as safety is always our number one concern. Unsafe conditions may include, but are not limited to, high winds, rain, and cloud coverage.

The decision to reschedule a jump due to poor conditions is usually made on the day of your reservation, since weather is unpredictable. In the event your jump is canceled due to weather, we will reschedule you for the next available date within your voucher/ticket/deposit expiration. Refunds will not be issued because of inclement weather.

Do not pay attention to weather reports more Than 24 hours in advance of your reservation. The Marion County Airport is located in the 37347 zip code. The weatherman is usually wrong!

Airplanes can and do break down. In the event of unscheduled aircraft maintenance your jump will be rescheduled at the next available date within your voucher/ticket/deposit expiration. Refunds will not be issued because of unscheduled aircraft maintenance.